Big Ask Europe

- for en stærk klimalov

Big Ask Europe

The campaigns for Climate Laws across the EU


Et gennemgående træk i Big Ask Europe


- er at landene juridisk skal forpligte sig til årlige reduktioner i udledningen af drivhusgasser og fastlægge dels et overordnet samlet budget frem til 2050 og dels delbudgetter (1, 3 eller 5 årlige) til at sikre, at målene nås.



The 40% Study

I 2009 the groups in Big Ask Europe decided to commission a study by the internationally renowned Stockholm Environment Institute that should explore whether 40% emissions reductions by 2020 and 90% reductions by 2050 are feasible tecnologically and economially for the EU-27 and whether they can be met without resorting to mitigation options like nuclear, CCS and agrofuels (biofuels) that were much discussed in the run-up to COP 15.


Stockholm Environment Institute prepared the report Europe’s Share of the Climate Challenge - Domestic Actions and International Obligations to Protect the Planet for Friends of the Earth Europe, who afterwards published the brief guide to the report: The 40% Study.
















Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009

The Scottish Climate Change Act is in many ways simil British but in has stronger targets e.g. a 42% reduction target for 2020. It operates with annual budgets compared to the 5-years budgets of the UK Act.
















Climate Law Database is a database for central

topics regarding climate laws and legislation but it is also a library over existing climate laws and proposals for such laws. It gives a good overview of documents from especially the Big Ask Europe participants.


It also contains a collection of central EU documents and international climate reports.





The climate change act was the first of its kind setting targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases by way of

a defined carbon budget divided in shorter budgets.


The Climate Change Bill passed into law in November 2008 after a sustained campaign, The Big Ask, headed by Friends of the Earth. More than 200.000 citizens asked their local MP's to support the demand for a national climate law.


The Big Ask of England, Wales and Northern Ireland became the template for The Big Ask Europe campaigns that were launched in February 2008 - including Klima SOS in Denmark and 16 other countries.

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